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Azerbaİjanİ MFA: Artİcle publİshed on Nezavİsİmaya Gazeta contaİns polİtİcal, judİcİal, hİstorİcal and spİrİtual falsİfİcatİon

 APA. The article titled “Bell towers and minarets of Karabakh” published by Anton Evstratov on Russian Nezavisimaya Gazeta on Aug. 19 contains political, judicial, historical, and spiritual falsification, Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry spokesman Hikmat Hajiyev told APA on Aug. 20.


Hajiyev mentioned that an illegal regime created by Armenia is controlling parts of Azerbaijani territory occupied by Armenia, and that is a direct result of an invasion and aggression.


“The author writes that 99.9 percent of the population of the occupied territories is adherents of the same religion and by this means he actually confirms that the Azerbaijani population that had once lived there underwent ethnic cleansing. We would like to remind the author prior to the conflict, in 1988, Armenians made up 74 percent, Azerbaijanis 24 percent, and Russians and other nations 2 percent of the population of the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast of Azerbaijan SSR. And now, there is a mono-ethnic composition of Armenians”.


Hajiyev went on to add that it’s non-sense to talk about the historical role of the Armenian Church in Karabakh and modern-day Armenia since Armenians are not an indigenous people of the South Caucasus region.


The author distorting the name of Ganjasar monastery is trying to cover up a very important point, the spokesman said, noting that if Ganjasar monastery was established purely as an Armenian monastery, why did Hasan Jalal order to write on it “Albanian capital’s temple erected for my Albanian people?”, Hajiyev said.


In addition, the spokesman said that the Christian population of Nagorno-Karabakh called themselves Albanians in a letter to the Russia Tsar Peter the Great (Peter I). “The Armenian Church, struggling with the Albanian church for centuries, planned to subjugate it and then tried to abolish it. Albanian written sources were destroyed by the decision of Russian Synod in 1836 after Albanian Church was placed under the authority of the Armenian Church. We should remind the author, speaking about the role of the Armenian Church in the region, the decree issued in 1903 ordering the confiscation of the properties of the Armenian Church for conducting terror policy against Tsarist Russia,” Hajiyev emphasized.


The author has violated Azerbaijan’s law on “State border” and illegally visited the country’s territories occupied by Armenia, Hajiyev said. “He is engaged in bespoke falsification of the Azerbaijani history and promotion of the so-called regime. After conducting relevant investigation, the author's name will be included in the list of undesirable persons.




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