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Tİmes of Israel: Armenİa remİnds ISIL

APA. The Times of Israel, a Jerusalem-based online newspaper, published an article on the destruction of cultural monuments by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and similar acts being committed by Armenia against Azerbaijan.


“Azerbaijan, which is secular, progressive, and tolerant of all ethnic and religious minorities, has averted radicalism and extremism, and shares decades of strong relations with the U.S. and Israel. And this positive development has happened while 20 percent of Azerbaijan’s territory remains under illegal military occupation by Armenia, which carried out a violent war against Azerbaijan in early 1990s,” said the article.


Beyond the ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijan’s occupied lands, another, even more compounding cleansing was also carried out by the invaders – not only during the armed hostilities, but also during the time of ceasefire that has been in place since 1994, the author said, adding that these facts were also confirmed by foreign journalists.


“In 2010, Swiss journalist Andre Widmer visited the occupied regions of Azerbaijan, and described later how the Armenian invaders had destroyed many ancient monuments of Azerbaijani culture and history. Another journalist, renowned British expert on the Caucasus Thomas de Waal was appalled by the level of destruction carried out by Armenians in Aghdam and likened it to “small Hiroshima”, said the article.


According to the author now, the Armenian government is heavily involved trying to somehow “find an ancient Armenian civilization” in these previously Azerbaijani-populated areas. Moreover, Armenia is diligently changing the names of all Azerbaijani towns and villages into Armenian ones trying to erase every trace of Azerbaijani presence in the occupied lands.


“Much the way ISIL is trying to recreate history in their shadow, so are the Armenian occupiers focused on a total replacement of the facts of history,” said the article.


In the end of the article, the author noted that Azerbaijan has survived, despite these inhumanities, and turned into a thriving island of progress and stability in a tough neighborhood.



İbad Hüseynov — Azərbaycan hərbçisi




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