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Azerbaİjanİ Presİdent: "Armenİa not only vİolates İnternatİonal law norms but also vİolates hİstorİcal justİce"

APA. "Today, Azerbaijan is a reliable partner in the international arena and an active member of international organizations", - Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said at Leaders’ Forum of the 38th session of the UNESCO General Conference, APA reported.

The head of state noted that Azerbaijan's biggest political and diplomatic success was the lection with the support of 150 countries to the United Nation Security Council in 2011: "And was the recognition by international community of the role of Azerbaijan, our positive activity on a global arena, and that was the sign of respect, sign of trust and sign of appreciation what we accomplished.  As a reliable member of international community during 2 years of our leadership to the UN SC we addressed to important issues: fight against terrorism and inter-cultural dialogue".


"In order to avoid double standards necessary to develop a mechanism of execution of UN Security Council resolutions"


The president said unfortunately Azerbaijan from the very beginning of our independence was the subject of Armenian aggression. "Occupation by Armenia of international recognized territories of Azerbaijan continues until these days.  As a result of policy ethnic cleansing against Azerbaijanis more than 1 million people became refugees and IDP’s. 250.000 Azerbaijanis were deported and ethnically cleansed from Armenia, 750.000 become internally displaced in our own country. We suffered humanity disaster, and that was at the time we were not economically developed and we were poor. Today when we listen the reports about migration crisis which Europe now facing, we understand pain of the people who have to leave homes. At the same time we understand that it creates difficulties those who live in Europe. But at the same time we remember 1992-1993, those years when Azerbaijan had to accommodate 1 million people. At that time population of Azerbaijan was about more than 8 million. It was one of the highest per capita numbers of refugee and IDP’s. And we deed everything in order to integrate refugees and IDPS into our society and now they play very important role in the development of our country".


"Armenia not only violates international law norms but also violates historical justice. UN SC adopted 4 resolutions demanding immediately and unconditional withdrawal of Armenian troops from the Azerbaijani territories. Unfortunately more than 20 years have past since that time but these resolutions are not implemented", said Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev


In this aspect, we are facing the most important global security issues in the international arena. Ignored the decisions and resolutions adopted by the international community, and for that no punitive measures are not taken. Armenia continues to ignore UN Security Council resolutions, and so there are no consequences. These issues should be seriously taken into account. In order to avoid double standards, we should develop a mechanism for enforcement of UN resolutions, because, sometimes, UN Security Council resolutions are carried out in a few days, even hours. But in our case, it has been more than 20 years. In the negotiation process there is no progress, because Armenia does not want peace. They do not want to live with us in a peaceful environment. They intend to continue the policy of occupation, as far as possible. Unfortunately, they succeed so far. However, time is in our favor. Time is in favor of international justice and international law. I am sure that Azerbaijan will restore its territorial integrity, which is recognized by the entire international community".


"The territorial integrity and the road, as the territorial integrity of any country in the world"


The head of state also noted the destruction of historical, religious and cultural monuments in the occupation: "You can get acquainted through the Internet with more than 500 historical and architectural monuments, the destruction of the Armenian army. Destroyed 22 museums, which contained samples of Azerbaijani culture. You can also get acquainted with the Armenian church in the center of Baku, which is guarded by the Azerbaijani government. This difference in approach to multiculturalism and religious tolerance”.


This suggests that terrorism has no religion, nationality. Therefore, to link Islam with terrorism is unacceptable. We will return to their lands. Rebuild their city, schools and hospitals. But it will not be able to restore our historical monuments. Armenians have destroyed our historical heritage, but they did not break our will. They did not break the will of refugees and internally displaced persons wishing to return to their homes."


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