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Florence remembers Khojaly vİctİms

 APA. On 4 March, the multi-award-winning independent documentary Endless Corridor – a U.S. and Lithuanian co-production – was shown amidst the rococo carvings and mirrored walls of the 16th century Palazzo Borghese in Florence.

The screening, organised within the Justice for Khojaly campaign, commemorated the victims of the Khojaly Massacre on 26 February 1992.

This was the worst single atrocity of the Armenian–Azerbaijani conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh and claimed the lives of 613 civilian victims in 1992. The death toll included 106 women, 63 children and 70 elderly people. The event was organised by the Azerbaijani Embassy to Italy, The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS) and EURASIA European Association of Cultural Exchange Italy-Azerbaijan, under the auspices of the international Justice for Khojaly campaign.

Following its international premiere throughout 2015, Endless Corridor has received plaudits from critics across the world. It has received the Best Documentary and Best Director for a Documentary Prizes at the Tenerife International Film Festival in Madrid; the Best Documentary Editing Prize at the Milano International Filmmakers Festival; and in the prestigious US-based Accolade Global Film Competition, it achieved two awards – Best of Show in May 2015 and in January 2016 the Outstanding Achievement Award in the Accolade Humanitarian Awards 2015. It has also been screened on the pan-European Eurochannel, CNN Turk and TV 24 (Turkey) channels.


Jack Pegoraro, Manager, TEAS UK, commented: “Tonight is one of a series of events organised by Justice for Khojaly in order to remember the events of 24 years ago, when invading Armenian troops massacred 613 unarmed men, women and children in the Azerbaijani town ofKhojaly.


“Notwithstanding the four UN Security Council resolutions passed over 20 years ago that require Armenia to withdraw from the occupied territories, nothing has been done, to date. Without doubt, this constitutes one of the greatest injustices of our times and is a flagrant violation of Azerbaijani territorial integrity and international law.”


H.E. Mammad Ahmadzada, the recently-appointed Azerbaijani Ambassador to Italy, explained: “One of the saddest things about theKhojaly tragedy is that it is so little-known in Europe. The Armenians are happy with the status quo and don't want the world to know about how they have massacred innocent Azerbaijani civilians as part of their illegal occupation. It is time that everyone knew about what happened.”


The evening was dedicated to the memory of the Khojaly victims and those Azerbaijanis who have only one wish – to return home.



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