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Presİdent Alİyev: Azerbaİjan dİdn’t vİolate ceasefİre, just adequately responded to Armenİan provocatİon

 APA. The reason for Armenian provocations is clear, because Armenia doesn’t want to peacefully leave the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said.


The president made the remarks during the meeting of the Security Council on April 2.


All the efforts of Armenia are aimed at the maintaining the status quo, there is ample evidence of it, said the president.


“Negotiations have been continues for more than 20 years. During these years, Armenia has always resorted to provocation to aggravate the situation on the contact line. At the same time, the terrorist attack committed in the Armenian parliament at the end of the last century was aimed at impeding the conflict’s settlement and maintaining the status quo,” he said.


President Aliyev recalled his meeting with Armenian counterpart took place in Paris in 2014 on the initiative of French President Francois Hollande, the outcome of which was encouraging.


“The Paris meeting which took place in a very constructive atmosphere focused on the strengthening of security and confidence-building measures on the contact line. But less than two weeks after the meeting, Armenia launched large-scale military exercises in Azerbaijan’s occupied Aghdamregion with the involvement of 48,000 personnel, which was provocative in nature. Within a few days, Azerbaijan has demonstrated patience and tried to avoid Armenian provocations. However, after a while, Armenian troops attacked Azerbaijani positions, using military helicopters, one of which was shot down by the Azerbaijani army. The recent Armenian provocation sought the same purpose – they attacked our positions and killed our soldiers and officers. And after that the Azerbaijani army gave an adequate response. Then they raise a cry to the world that Armenia violates ceasefire,” the president said, noting that Azerbaijan did not violate the ceasefire, just adequately responded to the provocation.


As long as Armenia does not stop its provocative actions, it will continue to suffer heavy losses, the president warned.



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