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Top Azerbaİjanİ offİcİal: Armenİa contİnues fİrİng, İgnorİng calls of İnt’l organİzatİons

 APA. In consideration of the calls of the OSCE Minks Group co-chairs as well as Minsk Group countries and other international organizations, the Azerbaijani Army has unilaterally ceased the active military operations and is now strengthening its positions in compliance with the ceasefire regime, Ali Hasanov, Azerbaijani president’s aide for public and political affairs, told APA on April 3.


The Azerbaijani armed forces are simply defending themselves against the ongoing attacks of Armenians and is giving an adequate response to the enemy, Hasanov noted.  


In response to the Armenians shelling Azerbaijan’s military positions, villages and refugee camps on April 2, the Azerbaijani armed forces launched an offensive and took control of the strategically important heights, the top official said.


The Azerbaijani army has already suspended military operations and is only taking defensive measures, he added.


“Nevertheless, the Armenians are still attacking Azerbaijani positions—sometimes very intensively, using all kinds of weaponry. It shows that Armenia is turning a blind eye to the calls of international organizations including the OSCE Minsk Group and is seeking to prolong the current confrontation,” the top official noted.


According to Hasanov, it was noted during the meeting of the Security Council held under the chairmanship of President Ilham Aliyev that Armenia has again resorted to provocation, which resulted in armed clashes on the contact line of troops.  


“The Azerbaijani army defended itself and then launched a counter offensive, giving an adequate response to this provocation. The Azerbaijani army is capable of liberating the territories currently under occupation. We have constantly displayed this reality to Armenia, the provocateur, and we will. Apart from doing all necessary actions, Azerbaijan is ready for the resume of the OSCE-led negotiations and the peaceful settlement of the problem,” he said.


Hasanov added that Azerbaijan is doing all it can for foreign media as well as social network users to get authentic information about the latest developments.


“We are giving the necessary information regarding Azerbaijan’s position and details of the incidents to everyone. We are properly retaliating against Armenian provocations both on the front line and in the media,” he concluded. 


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