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Azerbaİjan accuses Armenİa of falsİfyİng photos, vİdeo footages featurİng soldİers’ death scenes

 APA. Azerbaijan has accused Armenia of falsification of photos and video footages featuring death scenes of this country's soldiers as well as spread of misinformation, Azerbaijan's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hikmat Hajiyev told APA on Tuesday.


According to Hajiyev, Yerevan has finally thought of the Geneva Conventions and international humanitarian law, according to which Armenia bear responsibility.


Armenia’s military aggression against Azerbaijan, its policy of ethnic cleansing against Azerbaijani civilians in the occupied territories, the Khojalygenocide, the torturing, killing and mass burial of Azerbaijani captives and hostages, as well as other crimes against humanity have been documented based on witnesses’ testimony and submitted to international organizations, the spokesman said.


Having committed these acts, Armenia grossly violated the Geneva Conventions and its obligations to other international conventions and documents, Hajiyev stressed. 


The foreign ministry spokesman went on to add that Armenian armed forces have always targeted the Azerbaijani civilian population residing on the contact line of Armenian and Azerbaijani troops and along the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.


According to him, the international community’s failure to demonstrate an adequate attitude towards the criminal actions of Armenia, for which the country must bears responsibility, and the impunity of this country’s criminals led to new crimes.  


“Starting from the early morning of April 2, 2016, Armenia has intensified its military activity in the conflict area, which has been accompanied with numerous acts of violation of international humanitarian law tantamount to war crimes and crimes against humanity,” Hajiyev said. “Armenia has been conducting systematic, deliberate and targeted attacks on non-combatant civilian population encompassing inter alia women, children and elderly residing in the densely populated areas adjacent to the line of contact of armed forces of Armenia and Azerbaijan.”  


As a result of the bombardment of 32 settlements, 6 civilians, among them 2 children below 16 years, were killed and 26 civilians were seriously wounded, the spokesman noted.


“Substantial damages were inflicted upon private and public property, including civilian critical infrastructure. 232 private houses, 99 electricity poles, 3 electrical substations, kilometers of water and gas pipelines were destroyed. Guided missile attacks were directed on social facilities, including schools, hospitals, and places of worship. One mosque was hit during prayer with high-caliber artillery shells,” he said.


Hajiyev added that work on the investigation and assessment of the damage caused to civilians and civilian facilities as a result of Armenia’s criminal actions.


The foreign ministry spokesman noted that in order to avoid responsibility, Armenia is falsifying photos and video footages featuring death scenes of this country's soldiers and spreading misinformation.


Azerbaijan will continue to inform the international community and relevant organizations about all of these crimes Armenia’s military and political leadership has begun to commit since April 2 and take necessary legal steps, Hajiyev concluded. 


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