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Deputy Ambassador of Azerbaİjan to Russİa: “The Armenİan lobby forms a false opİnİon about the alleged opposİtİonİng of the Turkİsh-Azerbaİjanİ bloc agaİnst the Armenİan-Russİan”

 APA. "Russia has no strategy regarding the Caucasus as a separate doctrine. The strategy for the region is carried out according to the general doctrine of the country, within the framework of foreign policy and national security concept. The South Caucasus is being considered for this strategy, not as a separate object, and, in general, within the strategy of the Russian Federation in the CIS countries."


APA’s Moscow correspondent, said deputy director of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies Tatiana Guzenkova, at the conference "Russia's strategy in the Caucasus in the context of global challenges and threats" speaking on the topic "Does the strategy of Russia in the Caucasus?".


Deputy Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Russia Qudsi Osmanov noted in his speech that the Armenian lobby is using the tension between Russia and Turkey: "The Armenian lobby in Russia, taking advantage of the tense situation between Russia and Turkey, is trying to move this factor on the Russian-Azerbaijani relations, with the aim to spoil relations between the two peoples and two states. The Armenian lobby, using Russian propaganda in the field of their own narrow national interests, creates a false opinion about the alleged opposition of the Turkish-Azerbaijani bloc against the Armenian-Russian”.


Qudsi Osmanov spoke about Russian-Azerbaijani strategic partnership, which, he said, are the basis and foundation for regional security in general. The diplomat also drew attention of participants to the many cases of one-sided and biased presentation of information on the latest developments in the Nagorno-Karabakh region in the Russian information space, which are contrary to the official position of Russia: "Such propaganda on Russian television is a false perception in the Azerbaijani society about the validity of Russia's position in the this conflict."


The diplomat reminded that Azerbaijan is a stable ally of Russia in the fight against terrorism and radicalism in the south of Russia and provides the security of its southern borders.


Deputy Executive Director of the All-Russian Congress of Azerbaijanis, Samir Mammadov said that in Azerbaijan today live different peoples and even in greater numbers than those presented in the Nagorno-KarabakhArmenians. Azerbaijan as a multinational state as opposed to mono-ethnic Armenia may be an example of coexistence of ethnic groups and peoples, as well as Russia.


"The Russian experience of cohabitation of the two communities is a very valuable model for the settlement of the conflict", - he said.


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