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Azerbaİjanİ Presİdent: “Sanctİons are not İmposed agaİnst Armenİa for breachİng the UN Securİty Councİl resolutİons”

APA. "In early April, Armenia committed military provocation against Azerbaijan. We had to respond to protect the civilian population, our towns, villages and military positions. The results of the April clashes showed that Armenia is not able to control the situation and maintain the status quo unchanged. The status quo must be changed as soon as possible," said Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev at the opening ceremony of the Azerbaijani-German Economic Forum in Berlin, APA reports.


The head of state noted that this issue has been the OSCE Minsk Group: "The presidents of the countries co-chairing the Minsk Group - the US, France and Russia have repeatedly publicly stated about the unacceptability of the status quo. As chairman of the OSCE, Germany made such a statement. Minister Steinmeier very openly declared that the status quo must be changed. What does this mean? Changing the status quo means the start of the liberation of internationally recognized Azerbaijani territories from occupation. Azerbaijani lands - Nagorno-Karabakh and 7 other regions are under occupation for more than 20 years. Everything is destroyed, we have been subjected to ethnic cleansing, all Azerbaijanis expelled from these territories, about 20 percent of our lands are under occupation, and more than one million people became refugees and IDPs. Today we are witnessing a major concern in the European countries in connection with migrants. Can you imagine that we faced with a humanitarian disaster in the first years of independence, when they were poor, unorganized, had no funds for the development. At that time, one million of the 8 million people have become homeless. International organizations are dealing with migration issues, we support and appreciate it. "


The President said that the UN Security Council adopted four resolutions demanding withdrawal of Armenian troops from Azerbaijani territories, "but they are not met, and there is no implementation mechanism. Unfortunately, sanctions are not imposed against Armenia for breaching the UN Security Council resolutions. Here we face a policy of double standards, since in some cases, the Security Council resolutions are being implemented for a few days. When it comes to us, they are remaining more than 20 years on paper. In other words, the soonest settlement of the conflict, based on the Helsinki Final Act, the Charter of the United Nations, the UN Security Council resolutions, in the framework of Azerbaijan's territorial integrity, will serve stability, predictability and economic development of the South Caucasus region. "


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