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Dugİn: Azerbaİjanİ people are not hostİle to ordİnary Armenİans, but only want lİberatİon of occupİed terrİtorİes by peaceful meansDugİn: Azerbaİjanİ people are not hostİle to ordİnary Armenİans, but only want lİberatİon of occupİed terrİtorİes by peaceful means

Russia's well-known public-political figure, philosopher, political analyst, translator, Professor of Lomonosov Moscow State University Alexander Dugin made a trip to Ivanovka village of Azerbaijan’s Ismayilli district on May 3.


“The Russians in Ivanovka told me that they live compactly and comfortably there, they don’t face any discrimination or conflict as ethnic minorities, and they work collectively and live a peaceful life, I was so happy about it,” Dugin said, APA reported.  


Dugin said that his visit to Ivanovka made deep impressions on him about the Russian community. “The residents of Ivanovka told me that they always feel the care of the state and nowhere in the world there is such calmness as in Azerbaijan. They told that they are not even concerned about letting their children out at nights. I have visited many countries, and I would say that no big cities have such high standard of living as in the village of Ivanovka.”  


The Russian political analyst noted that during the visit he has witnessed what he had heard and read about the development of Azerbaijan.


“From my conversations with some Ivanovka residents and from my own observations, I concluded that the Russians, who are compactly residing in Azerbaijan, unlike those living in other countries of the South Caucasus, don’t want to leave the country. On the contrary, those who once went to other countries want to return to Azerbaijan,” he added.  


Dugin also touched upon the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.


“After my meetings in Baku and Ismayilli, I once again realized that the Azerbaijani people stand against the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh and want peace. The Azerbaijani people are not hostile to ordinary Armenians, but only want the liberation of the occupied territories by peaceful means. However, certain forces are interested in constantly maintaining tension between the two nations. Russia is trying to contribute to the soonest settlement of the conflict,” he added.


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